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Lai Zhenyuan: glory in the prosperous age of dragon

Time : 2021-11-05

Character business card

 & emsp; Lai Zhenyuan, party secretary and chairman of Longyuan Group Co., Ltd; Senior engineer and senior economist; And executive vice president of Shanghai Ningbo chamber of Commerce. He is a national outstanding construction entrepreneur and once served as vice president of China Construction Industry Association.

 & emsp; Reporter & nbsp; Ying Hongjuan

 & emsp; The reporter and his party came to Lai Zhenyuan's villa in Lai Ao village, Xizhou town. I saw flowers blooming on the path, showing a thriving beauty everywhere. Lai Zhenyuan is in high spirits. The story of entrepreneurship can't be told for three days and nights. If it is summed up in one sentence, it is "prospering with quality". Although the years increase and decrease relentlessly, and he is no longer the young man at the beginning, his ambitious ambition will never be depressed and his pursuit of grand ideals will never stop. At the moment, in his hometown, I just want to wish him who has worked all his life that his small garden flowers bloom every day and his deep cup of wine is full!

 & emsp; Different qualifications & nbsp; Each has its own wonderful use

 & emsp; "When I first arrived in Shanghai, I used a group of retired Shanghainese. In my opinion, retired people are experienced and not very old. Shanghainese can speak and have broad ideas. I think it's best to ask these retired Shanghainese to give us management guidance. The Xiangshan people I brought up can do but can't speak. Speaking of eloquence, Shanghainese surpass Xiangshan people Working is like the mountain people surpassing the Shanghainese. Only by combining "speaking" with "doing" can we achieve great things. "Lai Zhenyuan is very pleased with his way of employing people when he first broke into the Shanghai beach. As the saying goes, everyone has different qualifications and has their own wonderful functions. Facts proved that his decision was wise.

 & emsp; Business is created by people. Attaching importance to talents and being good at leadership are very important for the leaders of an enterprise. With such a concept of not sticking to one style and reducing talents, his team has matured and expanded rapidly. "Construction enterprises are not so easy to do." even if he is now a leader in the industry, Lai Zhenyuan is still in awe.

 & emsp; He said that an industry must have a leader, a good leader or a good helper to get up with. In 1988, he began to implement the project independent contracting system. Each project was managed by the project department. The benefits were assessed and put on their shoulders. Everyone wanted face and glory. He said with emotion: No enterprise is big at once. There are not so many plans. They come out step by step. In fact, all plans are cliches. There are so many plans. I didn't expect to make such a big one in those years. I just know people to make good use of them and do my own professional things. I will never take advantage of opportunism.

 & emsp; No vanity & nbsp; Cultivate virtue with thrift

 & emsp; "Lai Dong, do you remember when you bought the first car and what brand it was?"

 & emsp; "The first car was bought for 500 yuan. It was a jeep returned by an enterprise."

 & emsp; At the end of 1984, Lai Zhenyuan spent 25000 yuan on a boronaiz car. During the interview, the driver who had driven the car happened to be around. The driver said that at that time, they all suggested that Mr. Lai buy Santana and drive out with more prestige. At that time, the Santana was 40000 yuan, but Lai Zhenyuan felt that although the company also had the strength to buy a Santana, its business had just started and there were many places to spend money. The car could take the place of transportation. There was no need to spend more money to support the market. When he first arrived in Shanghai at that time, his means of transportation was a second-hand permanent bicycle bought for 20 yuan. He rode the bicycle almost all over the streets of Shanghai.

 & emsp; In November 28, 1983, he received a temporary job in Shanghai, taking the first worker and 3000 yuan in cash, from Xiangshan to Ningbo, and then from the Baisha Ferry Pier in Ningbo, after a whole night's swing, arrived at the sixteen paving pier of Shanghai the Bund, which was immediately opened on the construction site. I have done all the hard and tired work. The hard environment has tempered my mind and developed the virtue of thrift. Starting from 3000 yuan, he kept in mind that thrift can raise morality all his life.

 & emsp; Swallow grievances & nbsp; to be very careful

 & emsp; Successful people don't talk too much, but feel the dilemma of life and face everything bravely. A small red brick in the construction project once embarrassed Lai Zhenyuan. It is still a warning hidden in his heart.

 & emsp; "I still don't understand what happened to that red brick." a small red brick puzzled Lai Zhenyuan for 37 years. What kind of red brick is that? That's & nbsp; In 1985, the competent construction Department of Shanghai carried out quality inspection of the construction market, and the project of the second Institute of education in the charge of Lai Zhenyuan was also included in the scope of inspection. When the inspection team inspected a top column and beam, it found a plaque similar to red brick, suspected that there was no reinforcement in the column and beam, or cut corners, and severely criticized Lai Zhenyuan.

 & emsp; After the inspection team left, he swung an 18 pound hammer to break the column beam. It was clearly reinforced, and there was absolutely no Jerry built work, but a small red brick was mixed into the concrete. Although I don't know how the red brick got in, after all, the little red brick lay there clearly, which makes people doubt life. This incredible little red brick has been engraved in his heart since then. He takes this as a warning and puts quality in the supreme position. No matter how brilliant the enterprise is, he always walks on thin ice and is cautious.

 & emsp; Later, when long yuan was famous for "promoting industry with quality" in Shanghai beach, the leader of the inspection team met him. He still remembered the "little red brick incident" and said that he was too ruthless at that time, which was a bit over corrected. Holding the hand of the "little red brick found the man", Lai Zhenyuan sincerely said, "if you hadn't been ruthless and strict in those years, there would be no Longyuan's' quality prospering business' today. Bad things become good things!" whenever Lai Zhenyuan was asked to introduce his experience of becoming bigger and stronger, he always said: doing a good job in quality is the first step, and the final implementation of quality is still personal character. Human quality is not good, The quality is not good either. As long as you are loyal to life, work with public heart, pay attention to quality, work hard, move forward step by step and make continuous progress, those unexpected successes will belong to you.

 & emsp; Love Xiangshan & nbsp; Hometown amiable

 & emsp; "Ah gen, you look much better than before! Ah Gen is better and Hengshan is better!" Lai Zhenyuan came to Hengshan village in the Western Zhou Dynasty, which has been away for a long time. The villagers came to the entrance of the village to see the legend and the great benefactor of the village. He took the villager Agan's hand and gossip.

 & emsp; "Seeing you is like the Spring Festival." the villagers' enthusiasm shows between the lines and the words. A woman pointed to the bridge at her feet and said, "how refreshing this bridge is to build. We Hengshan people all remember your grace!"

 & emsp; Not to mention the bridge, I really can't see that the flat ground is actually a bridge. Under the bridge is Jasper like water. To be exact, it is a tunnel bridge. The tunnel and bridge was designed and constructed by Lai Zhenyuan in 1979. The bridge and Dazhai house were built, benefiting Hengshan villagers. Today, Dazhai house has become a cultural relics protection unit in the county. I have to say that my vision is really advanced. The village secretary said that today, the bridge is not backward, and it is difficult to build the bridge today! Lai Zhenyuan said that it should be attributed to Lai Rulun, the then village party secretary. Lai Rulun was also his like-minded friend. Unfortunately, he died more than 20 years ago. At this moment, when I set foot on my hometown to remember my old friends and talk about Lai Rulun, my deep feelings are still too strong to open.

 & emsp; In the years, how many glorious past, and how many silent and choking parting, all these are hidden in Lai Zhenyuan's heart. Whenever, the landscape of his hometown will always clean his mind.